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Free textbooks (aka open textbooks) written by knowledgable scholars are a relatively new phenomenon. Below, find a meta list of 200 Free Textbooks, and check back often for new additions. Also see our online collection, 1,700 Free Online Courses from Top Universities. Art History. A Textbook of the History of Painting by John Charles Van Dyke ...

Where to get free textbooks reddit. Things To Know About Where to get free textbooks reddit.

If the textbooks all became free online, there'd still be a place for the college bookstore, provided it was run by real bookstore people, and not corporate drones. I am highly confident I could keep a school bookstore afloat and successful if all textbooks went 100% Creative Commons tomorrow.Many professors are well aware of the textbook extortion to students, and in some cases you can ask if the previous edition is acceptable to study from. These can usually be found used on Amazon for <$50. More often than not previous editions of books are exactly the same other than a different cover and rearranged question order.You could get the access code from the official book publisher. Did that last summer, was kind of expensive, but better then bookstore price! I would also recommend using a textbook search engine like PageLess.us Its not free, but it can help find cheaper options. This will work especially well for packages and bundles as the site can show what ...It depends on the textbook. Most textbooks I need for class lectures are usually online for free somewhere. If I need a textbook for bookwork, for example exercises for a math class, I usually rent. I almost never buy unless it's for something I have to use continually, like when I took Spanish and Japanese.You can add books from your local library easily, which is fantastic. I like having a dictionary and web search at the touch of a finger to help me understand words and concepts I don't know. You can change the fonts, font size and color themes to relieve strain on your eyes. I prefer it to physical books by far. 1.

You can also check to see if they're on course reserve at the library, too. (And, yay, the library can put ebooks on reserve so you don't even have to schlep across campus.) If they're not, it's totally appropriate to ask your professors if they can set up course reserves, which means the library has a copy (or a few) that can only be ...

Best way to get ebook is as follows. For new releases and one offs, moblism dot org, novanon dot net, warez-bb dot org (when it's not down and for some reason I need a proxy to get there recently, I'm from the U.S., used a New Zealand proxy). If you want bulk, use the bing search engine and search up the NERD ebook collection.

I personally don't use sites, I try to buy them directly from fellow nursing students. my program has this fb page where people post the textbooks they're selling, their prices tend to be pretty good. fb marketplace works well! over here in Canada, I use kijiji and letgo, I assume there should be plenty of buy and sell websites/apps, so try those out!5. Bookbub. What makes Bookbub stand apart from the others is that it not only gets you some really great eBooks, but also serves up personalized recommendations based on your interests. Bookbub's collection of free eBooks keeps on constantly changing, based on which eBooks are available for free at any given time.Definitely less selection and you might have to wait but there's still a lot of good stuff. Also a lot of older classic books are in the public domain and can be found as podcasts on Spotify, on YouTube or for free on audible. I just listened to some Kurt Vonnegut books through that. TheKindleLady • 1 yr. ago.Best way to get ebook is as follows. For new releases and one offs, moblism dot org, novanon dot net, warez-bb dot org (when it's not down and for some reason I need a proxy to get there recently, I'm from the U.S., used a New Zealand proxy). If you want bulk, use the bing search engine and search up the NERD ebook collection.Get free shipping on qualifying orders over $25 and save up to 90% when you shop for your textbooks at Textbooks.com. Skip to main content. Ship-Ship-Hooray! Free Shipping on $25+ View Details about Free ... Free Shipping* on $25+ Savings up to 90% Off 10 Million Books in Stock Easy 30-Day Returns. Free Shipping* on $25+ Savings up to 90% Off.

Also check out The Ultimate Guide to Downloading Free PDF Textbooks for updated sources and links.

Next, install Smart Audiobook Player from the Google app store. The first time you start Smart Audiobook Player, it may ask you to grant access to files on your device, let it do so. Then, it should ask what folder has your books on it, navigate to the "audiobooks" folder you made and select that.

Next, let's see which sites offer PDF versions of textbooks for free. 4 Sites to Download Free PDF Textbooks Library Genesis . Up first we have Library Genesis. This file-sharing site provides a whole host of free PDF textbooks, including many academic titles, along with articles, comics, books, newspapers, and magazines.133. 35. r/southafrica. Join. • 6 days ago. South African Special Forces in Mozambique at the site of an ambush on Mozambican forces in the North. The vehicle is a SA made Marauder MRAP (2023). 198. 22.Buying books is a good thing to do. It's how creators and producers make a living so that books can continue to exist. If you have personal financial issues that's one thing, but the idea that we should all buy fewer books, or get them as cheap as possible, is very short-sighted for a community of supposed book-lovers.I DMed you a link. Hi, I have a link to the electronic version of Genki I 3rd edition if you're still interested. Genki I Textbook, 3rd Edition:When you've found the correct book, select the title of the textbook. Click the first link next to where it says "mirrors:". Select the "GET" button. The textbook pdf will start downloading immediately. That's it! If the textbook pdf doesn't start downloading, go back to the "mirrors" section and select another link.Textbook Revolution: Find biology, business, engineering, mathematics and world history textbooks here. Wikibooks: From cookbooks to the computing department, find instructional and educational materials here. KnowThis Free Online Textbooks: Get directed to stats textbooks and more.

Digital Access Codes Guide. Access codes are a series of characters used to unlock access to online recourses such as practice test questions, course assignments, and interactive study activities. You may find these codes referred to as digital access codes, textbook access codes, or student access kits. They all mean the same thing.1 Posted by u/Level-Argument-8914 3 days ago can some send me fundamental of cost accounting by williams publisher mcgraw hill version sixth edition only 0 comments 2 Posted by u/Interesting_Limit434 3 days ago [REQUEST] Machine Learning by Anuradha Srinivasaraghavan, Vincy Joseph. Wiley 2019 ISBN: 9788126578511 0 comments 1 Posted by u/Ms_C_McGeeMost campus libraries (at least in the US) will have a copy or two of the textbooks used for commonly taken classes but may not have upper level or major specific ones. If they don't have it see if they can get it from another library via inter-library loan or such. If the textbook is old enough it may be possible to find free versions in ...Best free textbook pdf sites reddit Rating: 4.8 / 5 (17328 votes) Downloads: 103823 >>>CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD<<< Alternatives to reddit, stumbleupon and digg …Ask your prof if you really need a textbook. And definitely avoid a course with a prof where you have to buy a textbook authored by them. (or just get one for free using the links below lmao) But here are the links: https://libgen.rs/. https://b-ok.cc/. You can also access any research paper with this one. Probably not. Textbooks are beyond expensive and the companies make extra money by making you buy the solutions manuals in addition to the textbooks themselves. It's a huge rip off and you'll probably pay $300 for a textbook and $80 for the solutions manual. Welcome to college where all that matters is profit and the students get fucked.

Free university textbooks. Hello I was wondering what some good websites are for downloading academic oriented textbooks. I know of libgen.rs, epubbooks, and z …

Five textbooks at retail is probably going to run $1000+ at that rate which works out to ~$330/mo. Since we're estimating, that's close enough. Textbooks are a major cost and unless they're very useful, won't do anything after graduation but collect dust and make it harder to move. Daily Starbucks is a bit more nimble.70K subscribers in the alevel community. r/alevel is a subreddit for A Level students and aspirants. It is a place to ask, share, and learn about any…Free university textbooks. Hello I was wondering what some good websites are for downloading academic oriented textbooks. I know of libgen.rs, epubbooks, and z-lib.org but was wondering of any others thanks. This thread is archived.You can request text books here. Please share them as well.. Ideally, they should be free! But if you are selling, please don't keep the price above $15 - Our old sub (textbooks) was taken over because some of the mods there have been shadowbanned, and some got hacked... Our Wiki. Scammers. Happy Education :)There are resources on reddit that help you find pdfs of books as well. A LOT of my cohort would try and find pdfs online, so make friends (easier than you may think) and ask if they have a pdf. ... have unlimited subscriptions you can buy so you pay like 120 for a year of free books as long as the classes you take and register for use cengage ...libgen.is. MDtime12345 • 7 hr. ago. I do not have a source for free books but always check used book sites and eBay for the books. I have saved hundreds buying on eBay just allow enough time for shipping. It's when you need it the same day you get stuck paying top dollar. I have also saved a lot renting my books through various sites.At the moment, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library only offers this free service to select areas in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Australia. With its exceptional program and a wide selection of free books up for grabs, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is by far the best online resource to score free books by mail. 2.

Top textbook PDF sites according to Reddit. Buying textbooks is one of the leading financial burdens for high school and college students. The average cost of a single textbook is around $105, while the textbook publishing industry is worth over $3 billion. Typically, a student spends more than $1,000 on textbooks every year.

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If you can not find free books, you should try out pageless.us. it is a free site that can help you find all options for books and access codes. In many cases, there are more options than people realize and this site can help you find them all so that you can buy exactly what you need.Here are the top 15 recommended textbook resources on Reddit. 1. Library Genesis. Library Genesis, also known as LibGen and Genesis Library, is the classic Reddit recommendation to find textbooks, articles, journals, books, images, magazines, comics, general-interest books, you name it, online.Don't buy textbooks unless you really need or prefer the physical text. I haven't paid a dollar for books in 4 years of a mechanical engineering degree. You can't avoid homework codes though. If there are any books that you need, always check library genesis, especially if old editions are fine. Otherwise you can check out this guide to copy an ...If you are registered with accessability can you get free textbooks? My friends who go to Ontario Tech get free textbooks for all their courses because they are registered with accessability. I’m not aware of anything like that here as I could not find anything online. Has anyone gotten free course textbooks?All were relatively cheap; though I did buy second hand. Peteat6 • 1 yr. ago. Not a book for beginners, but an excellent practice resource: Practice Grammar of German Dreyer & Schmitt Verla für Deutsch ISBN 3-88532-722-8. Lösungsschlüssel ISBN 3-88532-718-X. Realistic-Quote3973 • 1 yr. ago.1. Bookboon. Bookboon. Bookboon provides a wide selection of free textbooks for college students, with many different subjects on offer. In particular, it is a great source for college students pursuing STEM fields, as well as business. What really sets this organization apart from its counterparts, though, is that it also offers a wide …Math. Simple to use, simple to adopt. Our math textbooks are designed to meet the standard scope and sequence requirements of their respective courses – and are 100% free online. Complete with free resources for educators (like LMS course shells, lecture slides, instructor answer keys, and more), all OpenStax textbooks are fully customizable.AutoModerator detected the "textbook" keywork in your post. r/college does not support or condone the unlawful duplication or sharing of electronic textbooks. The unlawful sharing or duplication of Intellectual Property is a bannable offense. Discussions of how to find the best deals & lowest prices on textbooks are encouraged.Can anyone tell me what spiderman comic was released in the UK during the 90s The comic in question was divided into sepperste stories From memory the first part of the comic was for the old Stan Lee comics..the middle was for the current day story arc and then at the back of the comic it had the story line of spiderman 2099.

Where can I get free college textbooks PDF? Library Genesis. Library Genesis is a file-sharing site that provides academic journal articles, general interest …Thanks! It's called clinical voice pathology 6th edition. ISBN 13 is 9781635500288 The book is close to $150 so I'm trying to see if I can at least find a cheaper version, if not freeView community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. Websites for textbooks? Are their any websites to get free pdfs of textbooks. The one I used before is not working anymore. Thanks :) comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment .The UCF Bookstore will price-match textbooks from Textbook Solutions if advertised via leaflet and from Amazon if it is listed as "fulfilled by Amazon" or "Ships from and sold by Amazon". They will NOT price-match Amazon listings from 3rd party sellers. To buy via price-match at the bookstore, bring a printout of the listing or have it ...Instagram:https://instagram. t 152 pillbenifind5 minute oil change metairiebowling pin beer bottles The solution eliminates unwanted double-checks and is error-free. Makes proper use of the latest technology and a range of software to deliver visually rich, ready-to-use textbook solutions. Places to Find Textbook Solutions Online . Below are the top online textbook solutions providers as well as their features and USPs: Solution Manuals psat scores 2022 9th gradeawh stocktwits Here are some away the best Reddit free textbooks collaborative and resources that could help you saves money in school. Mercifully, there represent many online resources nowadays that can online to get textbooks for free! Reddit is one such resource. Here are some of that best Reddit free textbooks community and natural that would help you ... accuweather neosho mo r/FreeTextBook: Community for sharing free text books. Abnormal Psychology, 6th Canadian Edition. Looking for the following: Ideal format: PDF Text: Abnormal Psychology, 6th Canadian Edition (Gordon L. Flett, Nancy L. Kocovski, Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale)It is a website that deals exclusively in books about cooking and food, with PDF, MOBI, EPUB, AZW3 formats. This ranges from cookbooks (like Cooking for Isaiah: Gluten Free, Dairy Free Recipes to nonficition (like Salt: The Complete World History ). I love it for the later but the former is great, too. It is 100% free and doesn't even require a ...